a new way to support local.

Subscribe monthly to local businesses for exclusive perks. Or just buy one-time rewards. All subscriptions and rewards can be gifted to friends or family, or used in-store yourself.Mission: to build a more modern Main Street.

How It Works

  1. Browse and subscribe to local stores in your area for exclusive perks.

  2. Upon subscribing, you will be mailed a red card with a QR code and ID number.

  3. To use your perks in store, tell the merchant you're a subscriber or show your red card.

Note: For one-time rewards, just show the merchant your email receipt.Any questions, email

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Neel's Bookstore

120 Cambridge St, Burlington, MA


  • Gets you 10% off purchases over $100

  • 1 free book per month (<$20)

  • 15% off any branded merchandise

  • Invites to special events and readings

  • For in-store use only

Other Available Tokens

one-time redeemable rewards


Based in Boston, Redkart is a mission-driven tech startup focused on in-store logistics for small businesses.Started as a curbside pickup app for local merchants in the Boston area during Covid-19, Redkart today is striving to provide a comprehensive solution for the entire mom-and-pop shop experience.

Main Street has been hurting for years before the pandemic even began, facing fierce competition from big-box retailers and e-commerce giants alike. Small businesses constantly struggle to adapt to the digital era, lacking the proper infrastructure, resources, or assistance.

We believe in buying local, and we believe in local businesses. Together, we can help Main Street not only survive, but thrive in the post-Covid digital age.

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